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The 5 Surprising Causes of Overeating

Hi Beautiful! 

I'm so glad that you're here!

It shows me that you have not given up on yourself and you have not given up hope that you can change how you eat & start feeling better about your body.

  I'm here to help you.  

In this guide I'll teach you: 

1. How to understand why you've failed in the past.  

2. Give you a clear and definitive perspective about why diets don’t work for overeating. 

3. Teach you what the greatest cause of failure is. 

4. Show you how to take the long view for change! 

If you've tried countless times to stop overeating but can’t, then this guide is the solution to finally find freedom from food.

About Me ~ Kristine

Kristine Rucker, Certified Life and Weight Coach


I am a certified Life and Weight Coach and I get the honor of helping people just like you who want to finally lose the overeating struggle.

It is possible.

Even if you’re feeling stuck or scared.

Together we will change the results in your life so that you can once and for all become the BOSS of your weight and your life!


What clients are saying... 

Karli P.

“Kristine inspired me to have a more positive outlook on my goals I thought were impossible to achieve."

Karli P.

Stacey M.

"During and after my call, I didn’t feel pressured or “coached” into anything. I felt heard and motivated towards change.”

Karli P.
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Amber W.


 “Kristine is not afraid to discuss ALL uncomfortable things of your life…she is SO easy to talk to and she truly listens!”  

Karli P.


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